Syllabi for Undergraduate Courses

Syllabi for Graduate Courses

View a selection of student productions and activism projects.

Classroom Exercises 

Formal Debates in the Classroom

I had my Digital Media & Society class participate in formal debates about current topics. They were a huge success, but I had trouble finding good resources to prep the students and myself. Here’s some reflections about what I did,  what worked, what I will tweak, and the resources I created to help with the actual debates. Feel free to use them & provide feedback. Overall it’s a fun way to engage with topics beyond just reading, writing, and lecturing. As a result, I think the students are more equipped to critically think about digital media from various perspectives – as citizens, consumers, producers, & distributors – and to consider what’s at stake democratically, economically, and ideologically in our changing media environment.

Internet Scavenger Hunt

Can you really find EVERYTHING on Google? Of course not. Yet, time and time again I have observed the extent to which students (and non-students) overly rely on search engines to find information. In fact, I have had young people basically tell me that if they can’t find the answer on Google, then it just can’t be found. Don’t get me wrong, I use Google daily (hourly?), however I also recognize its limitations and often utilize other tools and resources in order to gather information. I wanted to challenge my students to think beyond Google and force them to creatively find answers.

Students Make Memes

I had my undergrads create memes in class today. They used KnowYourMemeand QuickMeme to search the origin of memes and then create their own. I found their memes to  be really creative and fun, especially the ones that reference UNT and RTVF (our university and department). So, to brag on my students a bit, I’m sharing the memes they created in about 20 minutes while working together in pairs (some teams made more than one). Enjoy!

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