Foster Teens’ Videos

13988096_1832199030252319_7219336702206905643_oThese six short films were created as part of the 2016  Community Media Education Summer Workshop led by Dr. Jacqueline Vickery (Assistant Professor) and Niki Warncke (M.F.A. student). The digital storytelling workshop was a collaboration between the Department of Media Arts at the University of North Texas and Cumberland Presbyterian Children’s Home. The videos were written, produced, and edited by teens in foster care (ages 13-18) as part of an intensive 7-day  digital storytelling workshop in which the teens partnered with UNT students to produce a short film.

Dr. Vickery and Niki Warncke spent three weeks teaching 16 UNT students the basics of media literacy education and best practices for collaborating with teens in foster care. For the next two weeks, 20 teens in care came to the UNT campus and partnered with college students to produce a short digital story of their choice. The 6 films reflect the individual creativity, experiences, and perspectives of the teens. The UNT students and faculty facilitated the free workshop, but the stories and words are uniquely those of the youth themselves. For more information about the structure and objectives of the course check out the RTVF 4550 Community Media Education syllabus.

The workshop also caught the attention of  local DFW media – learn more about the workshop and some of the teens from WFAA and KTVT .

“Is Anybody Listening?”

“Hope for Change”

“We Want We Can”

“Beyond the Stereotype”

 “This Is Enough”

“In a Perfect System”

**To protect the privacy & identity of the teens in care, their faces and full names are not included in any of the films. 



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