Creative Student Projects

In lieu of a final paper, students in my  “Digital Media & Society” and “Youth Media” courses have the option to do a creative project related to themes from the course. Past projects include scripts, podcasts, pitches for a new TV series, collaborative videos, websites, and apps. This is a selection of some of those projects.

We Can Go Back Again – Produced in Digital Media & Society – Spring 2013

A collaborative music video made by users of HitRecord. Each group member – Sara Bachmeyer, Devin Crase, Rachel Hill, and Adam Van Fossen –  submitted a work they felt displayed the meaning of the song. Together they were able to create this moving piece about love, anger, and the beauty of life.

Qunice trailer – Produced in Youth Media – Fall 2015

Quince is a trailer that three students – Valarie Gold, Cristina Gonzalez, & German Torres –   made as their final project in “Youth Media.” It was based on a script they had been working on for some time, which they  later turned it into a short film. Quince has screened at several festivals including  Festival De Cine Latino Americano in Fort Worth, the Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival, Granatum Film Festival in association with Oaktopia in Denton, UNT Media Arts Festival in Denton,  and Grey Space by De Colores in Dallas. It was selected as BEST SHORT FILM by Denton Arts and Music Awards.


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