Talk Whenever, Wherever: My latest article now available online

My most recent article about how cell phone industries construct gender and social practices of surveillance is now available online in the Journal of Children & Media. Would love feedback and feel free to distribute widely. Available here. Abstract: Mobile service provider commercials afford insight into contemporary expectations and norms of cell phone use within the…

Debates in the college classroom

Formal classroom debates are a fun way to engage with topics beyond just reading, writing, and lecturing. As a result, I think the students are more equipped to critically think about digital media from various perspectives – as citizens, consumers, producers, & distributors – and to consider what’s at stake democratically, economically, and ideologically in our changing media environment.

Everyday feminism & practicing your beliefs: To bikini or not?

Yet, here I am thinking I should have to cover up my body because it fails to meet ideal standards of acceptable femininity. My desire to cover up was not about me, but was driven by my perceptions of other people’s standards and expectations. In essence I was objectifying my own body! There was no need for anyone else to do so, the damage was already done – and that, ladies and gentlemen, is patriarchy at work.