Inspirational (and pretty) study blogs

My latest (and prettiest) Flow column is out: Your Tumblr Makes Me Want to Study: Thoughts about the studyblr community. I examine the feminist and feminine space of study blogs, while also contextualizing them within a broader framework of learning and social networks. Check it out. Here’s an excerpt:

At a time when young people’s online practices continue to attract panic, judgment, and concern, it is refreshing to pay attention to the positive ways young people – and particularly girls and young women – also use online tools and spaces… Typically studying is considered a rather private behavior and habit. However, by sharing tips, strategies, and advice online (accompanied with a pretty picture), private practices are made more visible. In a world where girls’ selfies are often dismissed or even pathologized as “narcissist” and “vain” and “psychopathic” (as is just about anything made popular by a teenage girl), studyblrs make visible other private aspects of teens’ – and more specifically girls’ – lives. Studyblrs are agentive spaces in which private practices are made visible and young people find a supportive community and motivation for studying.

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