Flow Column: Snapchat, Privacy, & Discourse

This year I was invited to be a columnist for Flow – an online media journal published by the Radio, TV, Film department at the University of Texas. I served as a Coordinating Editor of the journal while I was a grad student at UT and worked on the journal in different capacities for about 5 years. As such, I am quite honored to now be a contributing columnist. My first column, “Oh Snap! Stop Shaming the Sext” is now available. I’ve included an excerpt & hope you’ll read the entire article and leave feedback.

Revenge porn sites construct (women’s) bodies, sexuality, and agency as something to be controlled. And this is what further concerns me about the attitude of “just don’t take the pics in the first place”. The attitude further policies women’s sexual agency. It holds them responsible for violations of their privacy and victimhood, and erroneously distracts us from the actual harms, wrongdoings, and normative gender assumptions. Such rhetoric also calls into question discourses that continually construct youth as a risky and transgressive subject position.

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