Portugal here I come!

Streets of Lisbon (J. Vickery)

I am excited to announce that I leave for Portugal tomorrow to participate at the third annual International School on Digital Transformation (ISDT) in Porto, Portugal. In a nutshell ISDT is a sort of think-tank which “brings together scholars (that’s me!), policy experts, community advocates, designers, and hackers from around the world in order to explore the potential for digital media to empower citizens, strengthen communities, and contribute to a more vibrant civil society.” I’m very thankful to the UT Austin-Portugal program for the amazing funding sending me to Porto! I am looking forward to meeting some great scholars who are doing some rather phenomenal work, particularly with the intersection of children, digital literacy, and policies. As far as I understand it, there will be planned sessions in the mornings and evenings and quite a bit of free time in the afternoons which we can use to network and plan informal workshops and sessions. Admittedly I’m most looking forward to these; I hope to make some valuable connections and gain some diverse insight into my own research.

In addition to ISDT I will also be traveling in Lisbon for three days by myself prior to the start of the program. I’ve never taken a vacation alone and I have to say I’m quite excited. I’ve always wanted to travel alone but the opportunity just hadn’t presented itself until now. I love exploring new cities and trying new food and wine and beer and visiting amazing art museums (and of course shopping!). While I do love traveling with friends and family, I think I’ll learn a lot from traveling alone and definitely enjoy the experience.

In theory I hope to post at least a few short blog posts about what I’m doing/learning/participating in at ISDT, but no promises.

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