Well look who’s blogging…again…again

After a year and a half hiatus I’ve decided it’s high time to start blogging again. I’ve had a complicated relationship with blogging, especially since graduate school. I blogged consistently (and almost daily) for about five years (from college on through my Master’s), but since starting work on the PhD I’ve struggled with if and how and when and what to blog. I continually go back and forth on the productivity of blogging as a graduate student and I tend to overthink my posts and worry about how they might be perceived by future employers etc. Yet here I am again and as I’m starting to get deeper into my dissertation work I’ve decided it’d be beneficial to have a space to share articles, musings, and questions – for my own sake if nothing else (although I certainly welcome feedback, criticism, and advice). Thus here I am…again…again. I’m re-entering the blogging world for the fifth time and hopefully I’ll be here to stay for awhile.

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