Nope not abandoned, just busy

So true, so true (click to enlarge)

I truly haven’t abandoned the blog but I feared summer updates would be few and far between and as it turns out they have been. I’ve been staying quite busy this summer but not having a regular routine actually leads to fewer updates than during the semesters.

I was teaching kindergarten through college level reading classes for the first half of the summer. This had me traveling to Killeen three days a week and kept me quite busy with little time to do much else.

The second half of the summer has been devoted to research. I’m currently conducting interviews with people about their use of Facebook as it intersects with news and politics. I don’t want to say too much about it right now because I’m still conducting interviews and wouldn’t want to bias anyone’s interview in the off-chance that an interviewee reads this, but I’ll post more when they are done. I’ve come to realize I really love conducting interviews; I always learn so much about people’s perspectives and various uses of the internet. And I’ve reluctantly been transcribing them as well. I took an ethnography course last semester where I was required to transcribe interviews and I have to admit I’m hooked. As tedious and time consuming as they are, I am now a converted believer in the value of transcriptions. If you are needing to do any transcribing I highly recommend you download Express Scribe; it’s a free software that allows you to slow down the recording and makes it much easier to transcribe. I’m hoping to have all the interviews completed in another two weeks and then just focus on writing up the analysis. I’m presenting the paper at the Internet Researchers conference in Milwaukee this fall.

Read Latinitas online edition

I’ve also been working with Latinitas all summer. I’m loving working with the high school girls; it’s quite inspiring. They’ve been working on a “Love Your Teacher, Love Yourself” body image campaign they’ve put together for a girls’ middle school here in Austin. This summer they’ve been writing a script and shooting an intro video for the campaign. Very fun!

And of course I’m still publishing FlowTV every other week. It keeps me busier than one might think, especially right now as our editorial board is contemplating some upcoming Flow sponsored events (should be very exciting!).

Intro video for S. Craig Watkins’ new book coming this fall

And finally, one of my professors, Craig Watkins, (who was also my thesis advisor) has asked me to build a website for his upcoming book The Young and the Digital. I’m really anxious for the book to come out so I can read it. I really respect his research and feel he’s doing some really cutting edge research. He’s going to be continuing the research even after the book is published and has invited me to be on his research team; I’m thrilled to say the least! The website is still a work-in-progress but you can check it out: and view the short intro video above.

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