Interesting news of the week

Most popular shirt? Yup!

The first is a Washington Post article I came across via the AoIR Listserv. “It’s Made of 100% Cotton; It’s Sales are 99% Ironic.

It’s an interesting example of viral marketing, I guess, although I don’t really think the term viral nor virtual marketing really encapsulates what is going on. Worth reading.  Here’s an excerpt:

As retailers, media companies and even government agencies attempt to get with the times and connect with an online audience, every once in a while they get a reminder: Anybody, or any group, armed with a Web browser can anonymously game the system and manipulate the marketplace at sites inviting user feedback — for profit or just for fun.

The second article is one I came across via my Facebook News Feed about the Pope’s Facebook application. I’m actually surprised this is just now happening: “Pope 2.0: Vatican launces Facebook Application.” It’s nice to see the Catholic church embracing new technologies as way to communicate with people. 

Become a Fan of the Pope

Finally, I have to leave you with this adorable picture of President Obama. It’s touching  in many regards. Both the little boy’s expression of awe, which is such a recognition that there is (finally) a President who has “hair like him.”  I also find it inspiring to see our President humble himself to a 7 year-old boy. Just precious! 

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