Vickery 1I’m an Associate Professor in the Department of Media Arts at the University of North Texas in Denton, TX; I have a Ph.D. in Media Studies from the Department of Radio, Television, & Film at the University of Texas at Austin.

I have been studying teens’ digital media practices for more than a decade. I’m driven by the overarching research question: how can and do digital tools enhance or limit opportunities for marginalized populations? I am a qualitative and interdisciplinary researcher; my work utilizes many different methodologies including ethnography, interviews and focus groups, discursive analysis, textual analysis, and feminist media theory.

I recently published my first book, Worried About the Wrong Things: Youth, Risk, and Opportunity in the Digital World  with The MIT Press (2017). The book argues that media panics about online dangers overlook another urgent concern: creating equitable online opportunities for marginalized youth.

Along with my colleague, Tracy Everbach from Journalism (UNT), we edited a collection of 18 original essays about the harassment, experiences, and activism of women online.  Mediating Misogyny: Gender, Technology, & Harassment was published by Palgrave in February 2018.

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My work is published in several journals and anthologies and I regularly present at national and international conferences (see Research & CV). I teach courses on digital media, youth media, and social activism at the graduate and undergraduate levels (see Teaching page). Additionally, I have hosted a Digital Storytelling Workshop for teens in foster care and I co-founded the Digital Media Studies Certificate program  at UNT.

Additionally, I’m an Associated Researcher for the Connected Learning Research Network and have conducted research for “The Digital Edge” project with S. Craig Watkins. I was a Coordinating Editor for the online journal FlowTV, a mentor for the Austin-based girls’ program Latinitas, and a volunteer for CinemaKids (a film workshop for kids 6-12).

When I’m not researching and teaching, I spend my time fanatically watching college football (Boomer Sooner!), discovering new craft beers, relaxing in bed with a good book (and entirely too much YA lit), traveling the globe with my husband, enjoying the latest TV drama, or pretending I know how to cook better than I actually do.